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My Washer likes to do the Harlem Shake!

When you do your laundry does it feel like there is an earthquake happening right underneath your feet?  When I lived with my parents we had an older washer, it worked fine, but it just started to shake and vibrate.  It was enough of a shake and vibration to knock against the wall and make a lot of noise. Granted, it was a nice foot massager if you stood close enough.  I told my dad that maybe we could try to use wooden blocks to even the washer out and help stop the shaking a little.  The wooden blocks helped, but it still vibrated.  We couldn’t afford a new washer at the time and this was before I started working at my current job. So I did the only thing I could- I “Googled” it!


Google is an amazing thing, but I digress.  I went online and typed in the problem we were having with our out-of-control dancing washer. There were a lot of people saying that they just bought a new washer, but my family is not made of money so that was not an option. Then I came across these awesome anti- vibration pads by Electrolux and it came in a four pack; which is perfect because then it would level out our washer while getting rid of the vibration!  They were a little more than we were expecting, but it was extremely less expensive than buying a brand new washer and the reviews said they worked GREAT! It was definitely worth the investment. I told my dad about it and we gave it a try.

As soon as they came in the mail we immediately tried them out!  They were easy to use; you just have to slide them right under each corner of the washer.  So I put some laundry in and started it up with fingers crossed.  When it started on the spin cycle we were so happy that there was no pounding against the wall, or vibration on the ground! We were ecstatic that we could finally do laundry without feeling like we were at a concert with the floor shaking.  My parents used these pads for a long time even after I moved out.  But sadly their poor little washer finally died a couple months ago, but they still kept the pads for down the road.  So if your washer likes to dance all over your laundry room or basement, try out these pads before you look for a new washer or dryer!


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Stop throwing out your vegetables!

I have a pet peeve of letting food go to waste.  Unfortunately it happens a lot, especially with fruits and vegetables that I buy.  My boyfriend does not like fruits or vegetables, so it is always just me that eats them.  When I go shopping, I keep this in mind and only buy what I know I will be able to eat within a week or two.  But it seemed that I could never eat the food fast enough and I would always end up with wilted lettuce, and rotting fruits and vegetables.  I tried to store them in different kind of containers, and freezer bags.  This seemed to help, but only saved them for a day or two more.

I could not take it anymore, I thought to myself- “I work for an appliance parts company, there has to be something out there that helps food last longer.”  I went to work the next day and asked around. As it turns out I was right, there is something out there that helps preserve produce!  Whirlpool makes another great product called Fresh Flow Produce Preserver.  They have a great starter kit, and then also sell refills for it.  We sell this product at work for only $12.99! I thought that was a great deal, because if it does work I will be saving more than $12.99 and I will no longer be wasting food or money. To me that is the greatest deal of all.


I looked up how and why this preserver works before I made my purchase.  While I was researching, I learned that fruits and vegetables give off a natural ethylene gas as they begin to ripen.  But as they naturally give off this gas, it makes the produce ripen more quickly, especially when in a small space (like the crisper drawer in the fridge).  It turns out that some fruits and vegetables produce more of this gas, and some other fruits and vegetables are very sensitive to this gas and it will cause them to ripen much faster when exposed to high levels. That is why it is also important to separate these fruits into the two separate crisper drawers.  The produce preserver promises to absorb the ethylene gas and lets your produce last up to four days longer.


After doing my research on the product, I was almost convinced that this would work, and I was ready to give it a try.  I purchased the starter kit that day at work.  When I arrived home I took a look at my crisper drawer; I just went grocery shopping so all of the produce was still fresh. This was perfect because now I could truly see how well this preserver worked!  It was very easy to install and put together.  The starter kit comes with two preserver packets, one preserver holder, and one status indicator.  All you need to do is open the holder and place the packet inside, next take the indicator and slide it into the allotted slot on top of the holder.  The preserver holder just sticks right onto the side of the drawer, and begins to work.  The strip is right on top and turns red as it absorbs the gas to let you know when to change the packets.  The only complaint that I had about it was how much space it took up in the drawer- but it isn’t even that much- so I got over it really fast. Ha-Ha-Ha.

I was truly happy and amazed how well this preserver worked!! My produce did last so much longer and my fruits and vegetables tasted great even five days later.  I got to finish all the produce I bought without having to throw any of it out! This made me ecstatic, because I wasn’t left feeling guilty, throwing any of it out and wasting money!!!  So for $12.99 for the starter kit and then just $9.99 for 2 refills I am going to keep using it and save money and food.  Overall I would and have suggested it to my family and friends. I suggest my readers should pick one up! Especially if you are tired of wasting food, and money!

Boil Water Faster than Ever!

Have you ever been camping, at work, or even at home and needed to boil water or cook something quickly?  Well I have! At my work I bring in soup or leftover stew and I hate cooking it in the microwave because it always cooks it unevenly- and I hate biting into a cold potato, Yuck!  My boyfriend and our friends went camping in November and we had a little stove to cook things on but it took hours to cook something small!  We are having a sale on a portable induction burner at work and I took a look at it and it seems AMAZING! Perfect for taking camping, and work to cook things fast and all the way through. 


      When I first saw it, I will be honest, I had no idea what induction meant.  So I went onto Frigidaire’s website and investigated just what induction cooking is all about.  It turns out that induction cooking is the fastest way to boil water, and cook food on the stovetop.  Induction technology is more responsive than gas or electric, it generates heat more rapidly.  Because induction is so responsive you can go from simmer to a boil with no problem!  Induction technology is also more energy efficient which is another plus!

               So after learning all of this new information on induction cooking, I thought why not!? We are selling it for a great deal, and I need something portable for cooking when we go camping or even at home for something fast.  After purchasing my new toy I went home and boiled some water. And it was so much faster than my gas stovetop!! Needless to say after that I am hooked on induction cooking.  If you and your family go camping a lot or even are out of town a lot why not pick one of these up!

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The Forearm Forklift

     Over the summer my boyfriend and I bought a new couch and needed to remove our old couch out of the living room.  So I figured just the two of us could move it with no problem, how heavy could this couch really be? Well I was wrong and moving this couch was more of a struggle for me than I could imagine. I would get the couch up and then I would have to put it down after a minute because it got too heavy or my hands would start to slip! This became annoying to my boyfriend who was having no issue picking it up. Finally we got the couch out of the house, and I was left with an aggravated boyfriend. Never the less, I have not moved anything out of our apartment since. 


               Going through our products at work I saw a new item that just came in called the Forearm Forklift, on the packaging there were two people lifting a DRYER with ease. I took a look at the product with skepticism. There is no way that these two band like things were going to help lift a dryer.  So I went online and looked at some of the reviews, and people raved about it! A lot of the comments said that it made moving heavy and bulky items so much easier. I was amazed, and still a little hesitant about it. So I had to try it for myself.  Another woman that I work with and I decided that we would try it for ourselves. At our work there are some heavy things that we could move, but we decided to try it out on a dryer that we have here. 


               It was really easy to set up and use the Forearm Forklift.  All you need to do is lay the strips down on the ground parallel to one another and then slide them underneath whatever it is you are moving. After that you grab the two ends of the strips and slid your arms into the openings.  There are three different levels of openings depending on how high you want to lift the item. When we were ready we both let each other know and we lifted the dryer… WITH NO PROBLEM! We just lifted it right off of the ground and carried it around our work place! We were both so excited that this actually worked! Now when we help our significant others move they will not get aggravated!





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