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‘Tis The Season To Do A Thorough Cleaning

Moving your large home appliances can be such a hassle when trying to deep clean your home.  Just getting your appliance to move is one thing, but then there’s the frustration of trying not to scratch your nice hardwood or tile floors.  Here at Every Appliance Part, we love to keep our homes clean, and anything that will help make that easier, is going to be tested and tried to the fullest extent.

Recently we discovered the greatest invention ever: Glide N’ Guard.


This nifty little pack contains six interlocking tracks made of a

special polymer plastic which allows you to simply slide your appliances in and out of their designated spots in the kitchen and laundry room.  The thick plastic guards your precious floors from scratches and scrapes, while easing the process of moving your appliance out of its spot to clean behind it (or to dig out that chew toy your pup lodged underneath it).

Luckily, this pack is inexpensive, and definitely worth the small investment.  Save your floors (and backs) from expensive repairs by trying this product out.

Let us know what you think!

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