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Prevent Lumpy Pillows and Comforters with This Dryer Hack

Prevent Lumpy Pillows and Comforters with This Dryer HackKeep pillows and comforters fluffy by using wool dryer balls during the dryer’s cycle.

The wool dryer balls help prevent down-filled items from becoming lumpy and are said to help prevent static cling and wrinkles, soften fabrics and help speed up the drying process. As a bonus, they contain no chemicals and can either be made or purchased online.

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Add a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls to add a pleasant scent to your dried laundry.

Be aware that these dryer balls eventually breakdown after so many tumbles in the dryer, so they will need to be replaced.

If you do not have any dryer balls on hand, a clean, new tennis ball might due. However, test the ball first to see if the color may bleed on to your item. Be mindful of the heat level you use in your dryer as that may cause color to transfer from the tennis ball to the item being dried. To be safe, use a low heat or no heat cycle.

Keep These Kitchen Items Out of The Dishwasher

Keep These Items Out of the Dishwasher The dishwasher is a great convenience when it comes to cleaning, but some kitchen items should not be cleaned by the dishwasher as it may damage the item or the appliance itself. Here are the items you are better off cleaning by hand.

Some Plastic Items

Generally, reusable plastic cups and dishes are dishwasher safe. Check the item for markings that it is dishwasher safe. Even if the item is dishwasher safe, be sure to Continue reading

Get the Cleanest Oven Door Window Glass

Get the Cleanest Oven Door Window GlassPeople are trying and being amazed at this viral cleaning hack – using a dishwasher tablet to clean a dirty oven door’s window glass.

The hack works like this: purchase a dishwasher detergent tablet like Finish, one that has a powdery consistency and not a gel pack, and cut the tablet in half. Wear rubber gloves to avoid getting detergent, grease and dirt on your hands. Dip the tablet in water and rub it all over the dirty, greasy glass of the oven. The tablet will quickly crumble, but continue rubbing it over the window. Use a little more water as needed. Use a paper towel or damp sponge to remove the detergent residue and any grease from the window. Keep cleaning until the glass becomes clear.

Please note, do not try this on a warm or hot oven. wait for the oven to cool down completely before cleaning.

Those who have tried this hack have been shocked at how well this hack removed grease and baked on grime from their oven glass. Check out these stories to see before and after photos.

“I tried a viral cleaning hack on our dirty oven door”

Mum reveals how rubbing a dishwasher tablet over your filthy oven door can leave it grime-free in minutes

One thing worth noting – all these links are from oven owners overseas (U.K. or Australia) where dishwasher detergents might be different. In 2010, phosphates were removed from most commercial dishwasher detergent in the USA, which may (or may not) impact the results of people trying this cleaning hack in the U.S.

Dishwasher tablets are also good for cleaning off burned-on food in pots and pans. Simply drop a tablet into the scorched pot filled with water and let it sit overnight. The pot should wipe clean in the morning.

Have you tried this hack? How were your results?

If your oven glass is cracked or needs to be replaced, get a new oven door glass pane at

Reasons Why Your Oven is Smoking

Reasons Why Your Oven is SmokingAn oven that produces smoke when baking or broiling food might be due for a good cleaning or it may also indicate defective part or the need for a repair.

WARNING! Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. Read this before you start any repair.

New Oven

If you have a new oven, it’s recommended that a “burn in” is performed before using it to bake or cook food. The smoke produced from the new oven burn in process can be caused by the protective coating used on new oven, or can even be caused by the insulation surrounding the oven. Once the burn in is completed, your oven should be smoke-free.

For more information about “New Oven Burn In”, see our blog post on the topic.

Dirty Oven

Left over food bits and grease can cause Continue reading

Don’t Put Pumpkin Pulp Down the Garbage Disposer

A reminder for Halloween – never put seeds or pumpkin pulp in the sink drain, garbage disposer or the toilet. The pulp and seeds from the pumpkin can harden and clog the drain, sewer and even break the garbage disposer.

Instead, wrap up the inside material from the pumpkin in newspaper and dispose of it in the trash, or use it a garden compost pile.

Don't put pumpkin pulp down the drain it can ruin the garbage disposer

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be cleaned and baked as a treat! Here is a simple recipe.

  • Gather and separate the pumpkin seeds from the pulp and rinse thoroughly to clean off any pulp. Place the wet seeds on a paper towel to dry.
  • Mix the seeds with some melted butter and salt and spread apart on an ungreased baking sheet.
  • Preheat the oven for 350°F. Place the baking sheet with seeds into the preheated oven and roast from 15-20 minutes.

Get creative by using different seasonings on your seeds. Make sweet pumpkin seeds by adding cinnamon, sugar or honey, or go spicy and add paprika, cumin and cayenne.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets

Your sheets might seem clean, but consider this fact from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, “the average adult person may shed up to 1.5 grams of skin in a day. This is enough to feed one million dust mites!”

In addition to sweat, skin oils, and saliva, your bed sheets could be harboring millions of dust mites and if you have allergies, this could be making them worse. To get rid of these mites, consider changing or washing your bed sheets once a week.

Here are some tips to get the cleanest sheets. Continue reading

Why Do Plastic Items Never Dry In My Dishwasher?

Why Do Plastic Items Never Dry In My Dishwasher?

When you open your dishwasher to unload your newly cleaned dishes, why does it seem that plastic containers, plates and glasses are still wet? The answer has to do with heat absorption, evaporation, and the design of modern energy-efficient dishwashers.

Metal, glass and ceramic items absorb and hold more heat during the washing cycle and also hold in the heat for a longer period of time. The lingering heat also helps to Continue reading

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