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How to Fix Appliance Scratches

appliance touchup paint

Appliance touchup paint

Cover up scratches, gouges and marks on your appliance with perfectly matching, blending appliance touch up paint. Appliance touch up paint comes in a variety of colors to match your appliance’s finishes. Colors include black, white, almond, bisque and more.

If you have a stainless steel appliance, use Scratch-B-Gone to remove it. Scratch-B-Gone can remove scuffs, fine scratches, light scratches and deep scratches and gouges chemical stains, heat scorching and rust from stainless steel appliances, sinks and grills. It works great to remove spot scratches and marks – no need to redo the entire surface.

Use your appliance’s model number to find the correct color for your appliance or give us a call for help at 800-285-5833. Where you will find your appliance’s model number.


Testing an Appliance Part for Continuity with a Multimeter

When it comes to appliance repair sometimes the damaged part is pretty obvious, for example a broken hinge or a snapped belt.  But when it comes to electrical components, it’s not a simple as looking for the broken or damaged part.  Sometimes it takes a bit more investigating to find the culprit.


Part # DM10T : Digital Multimeter with Temperature Sensor

Parts like fuses, switches, coils, heating elements, circuit boards, and disc thermostats can be functioning improperly but appear to be perfectly fine with no signs of damage or corrosion.  So how do you test these parts?  With a volt-ohm meter, more commonly referred to as a multimeter.  With a multimeter, you have the ability to check for continuity and/or resistance relatively easily.

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24 LED 360 Degree Pivot Work Light is great for appliance repairs

Be prepared for your next appliance repair with a 24 LED pivot work light. This light is small and compact, yet bright enough to illuminate dark work areas. The Blazing 24LED pivot work light is perfect for illuminating small, dark area and working compact environments such as inside appliances and under sinks.

24 LED 360 Degree Pivot Work Light

24 LED 360 Degree Pivot Work Light with hook, magnet and hex base.

It comes with a hook, magnet and hex base, which allows for a variety of placement positions. Hang it up by the hook, use the magnet to attach it to a metal surface or stand the light on its stable hex base to position the light where you most need it.  The hook is attached to the base and can fold down inside the base when not needed.

The light features a 360 degree rotating pivot head allowing you to direct light to any needed angle.

It comes with three AAA batteries and hook.

Purchase the 24 LED 360 Degree Pivot Work Light at

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