My Washer likes to do the Harlem Shake!

When you do your laundry does it feel like there is an earthquake happening right underneath your feet?  When I lived with my parents we had an older washer, it worked fine, but it just started to shake and vibrate.  It was enough of a shake and vibration to knock against the wall and make a lot of noise. Granted, it was a nice foot massager if you stood close enough.  I told my dad that maybe we could try to use wooden blocks to even the washer out and help stop the shaking a little.  The wooden blocks helped, but it still vibrated.  We couldn’t afford a new washer at the time and this was before I started working at my current job. So I did the only thing I could- I “Googled” it!


Google is an amazing thing, but I digress.  I went online and typed in the problem we were having with our out-of-control dancing washer. There were a lot of people saying that they just bought a new washer, but my family is not made of money so that was not an option. Then I came across these awesome anti- vibration pads by Electrolux and it came in a four pack; which is perfect because then it would level out our washer while getting rid of the vibration!  They were a little more than we were expecting, but it was extremely less expensive than buying a brand new washer and the reviews said they worked GREAT! It was definitely worth the investment. I told my dad about it and we gave it a try.

As soon as they came in the mail we immediately tried them out!  They were easy to use; you just have to slide them right under each corner of the washer.  So I put some laundry in and started it up with fingers crossed.  When it started on the spin cycle we were so happy that there was no pounding against the wall, or vibration on the ground! We were ecstatic that we could finally do laundry without feeling like we were at a concert with the floor shaking.  My parents used these pads for a long time even after I moved out.  But sadly their poor little washer finally died a couple months ago, but they still kept the pads for down the road.  So if your washer likes to dance all over your laundry room or basement, try out these pads before you look for a new washer or dryer!


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Have a great week!

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