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How to clean or replace a range hood grease filter

Whirlpool range hood filter

Whirlpool Range Hood Filter. Also used on these Brands: Admiral, Amana, Caloric, Crosley, Hardwick, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Modern Maid, Norge, Roper, Sears, Speed Queen.

When’s the last time you looked under your range hood? If it’s been a while, that probably means your range hood filter needs a good cleaning.

Depending on your filter type, you can either clean and re-use your range hood filter or replace it. If you have a charcoal range hood filter, then you will need to buy a new one. Most experts recommend you replace your range hood filter every six months. For charcoal-based grease filters, after a while, the Continue reading

The cure for white film on dishwasher-cleaned dishes and glasses

Lemi Shine Dishwasher Detergent Booster

Combined with your dishwasher detergent, Lemi Shine Booster removes spots, stains, and film during the main wash cycle.

Does your dishwasher leave a white film on your clean dishes? It might not be your dishwasher’s fault. In 2010, phosphates were removed from most commercial dishwasher cleaners. In areas with hard water, this left dishwasher-cleaned dishes and glasses with a white film on the cleaned dishes due to minerals in the water.

To get rid of this, try adding a dishwasher booster like Lemi Shine. Lemi Shine removes tough water spots from dishes and glassware. Just add it to your regular dishwasher cleaner or else run your dishwasher with it alone on cleaned dishes to remove white film and hard water spots.

If this does not solve your white film problem try Continue reading

7 Tips for an Easier Laundry Day

Laundry Room

  1. Toss a dry towel in with your wet dryer load. It will shorten your load’s drying time.
  2. Pay attention to the buzzer. As soon as your dryer’s buzzer sounds, put your next load in to maximize any heat already produced in your dryer from the last load.
  3. Hang up or fold warm laundry to avoid wrinkles.
  4. Install a rack near your dryer to hang up any items that wrinkle easy. A shower tension rod or an old ladder suspended from the ceiling work well.
  5. Dingy whites? Hang items on a line outside in bright sunshine to dry and whiten them.
  6. Use a basket or bin system for each family member who can come and get their clean laundry themselves. They can also use the basket to transport their dirty laundry to the laundry room.
  7. Stinky gym clothes? If it’s a synthetic blend, try rinsing them out with cold water after wearing and launder immediately. You can also try freezing the offending item to see if it destroys the odor.
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