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Dishwasher Not Draining? What Parts to Check

Dishwasher Not Draining? What Parts to CheckIf your dishwasher is not draining water then there could be a clog in the drain hose, pump or possibly a defective part. Here’s how to troubleshoot and what parts could be causing the problem.

WARNING! Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. Read this before you start any repair.


Dishwasher Drain-Pump A00126401 Manufacturer:  Electrolux
Used on these Brands:  Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, White-Westinghouse
This drain pump assembly can be used on some dishwasher models.

Drain Pump

The dishwasher drain pump forces the water out through the drain hose. Depending on your dishwasher’s model, you could have a reversible pump or a direct-drive pump. Disconnect the pump from underneath the dishwasher’s basin. Be sure to have a bucket and towels on hand to catch any residual water in these parts. Remove the Continue reading


Fixing a Sagging Oven Drawer – Replacing an Oven Drawer Glide

Oven Drawer GlideAn oven drawer that sags or leans to one side may be due to a broken drawer glide or support. The drawer glide supports the oven drawer and allows it to slide easily in and out of the oven cabinet. Like any other part, it can break. To replace it, follow these steps.

  1. Purchase a new replacement oven drawer glide.
  2. Remove the oven drawer from the range cabinet.
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver or plies, push up on the tab of the drawer glide to release it.
  4. Take the new replacement drawer glide and insert it into the hole in the drawer. Gently push the glide into position until it clicks into place.
  5. Replace the drawer into the oven cabinet.

How to Dry Wet Sneakers in a Dryer without the Noise

Samsung Gray plastic clothes dryer Dryer Rack Part Number: DC61-02773A

Samsung Gray plastic clothes dryer Dryer Rack Part Number: DC61-02773A

If you need to quickly dry a pair of soaked shoes or sneakers, either because they are wet from puddles or running in the rain, or because they have recently been cleaned, use a dryer rack.

The clothes dryer rack accessory attaches to the clothes dryer itself and keeps items set on it stationary while warm dryer air circulates around the wet item. Using the dryer rack prevents loud banging and thumping noise from having the shoes loose inside the dryer drum and it protects the dryer from damage as well.

Holes in the rack also allow better air circulation to dry wet sneakers fast. Plus by using the dryer, you can control the heat and timer settings to make sure you dry your shoes gently.

Tips for drying shoes in the dryer:

  • Use the low, delicate or no heat clothes dryer settings
  • Tie the laces together to keep them from drooping and catching on the dryer drum

To purchase a dryer rack, use your clothes dryer’s model number to find the correct part for your dryer.

We sell dryer racks that fit most major brands including LG, Samsung, Kenmore, GE, Frigidaire, Maytag, and Whirlpool clothes dryers.

Save Time and Money with a Dryer Repair Kit

Save Time and Money with a Dryer Repair Kit

If your dryer is making noise, will not start or tumble or is not getting the laundry dry, you could replace a single part — maybe a belt or the roller wheels — only to find that it did not solve the problem. Why not replace several parts at once, saving time and money? That’s the benefit of a Dryer Repair or Dryer Maintenance Kit.

The Advantage of Using a Dryer Repair Kit

Dryer repair maintenance kits typically come with several parts that tend to wear out and need replacement at the same time like dryer belts, roller wheels, pulley wheels and arms.

The advantage of buying a kit is that all these parts for your appliance’s model are included. It saves time in terms of individually buying all these parts and often there is a cost savings involved too.


Drum Repair Kit Part number: 4392065 Whirlpool brand machine dryers – both gas and electric. This dryer repair kit includes a belt Also included are two drum rollers, 4 tri-rings, a clip, an instruction sheet, and an idler pulley. Use this repair kit when dryer becomes noisy, will not start, will not tumble, not enough or no heat, and leaves marks on clothing.


Dryer maintenance/Repair Kit, part number 4392067 includes multi rib drum belt, 4 rollers, 9 tri-rings, instruction sheet and idler pulley, For 27″ wide dryers. Used on these Brands: Admiral, Amana, Caloric, Crosley, Estate, Hardwick, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Norge, Roper, Sears, Whirlpool

The kits above may solve issues involving the dryer not tumbling, the dryer being noisy or not drying clothing.

Drum Bearing Repair Kits

The dryer bearing can be a front or rear bearing and it supports the drum as the turns. Over time and from use, the bearing can wear out and fail leading to noise.  If the part is not replaced eventually the drum will fail to turn at all.


Dryer Bearing Repair Kit Part Number: WE49X20697

If you have a front bearing, kit WE49X20697 comes with replacement drum glides, felt seal and belt, in addition to the bearing part. Again, the advantage of buying a kit is replacing the other parts that can also be worn, like the drum glides and felt seal, when making your bearing repair.

Washer Overflowing or Won’t Stop Filling

Washer Overflowing or Won’t Stop Filling A washing machine that is overflowing or won’t stop fill with water, might have a problem with the water inlet valve. Here’s how to tell.

Start a new washer cycle by turning the washer on and letting it fill with water. Now cut power to the washing machine. If water continues to fill the washer tub, then the water inlet valve may be faulty and should be replaced.  The water inlet valve can also be tested for continuity with a multimeter.

Washing Machine water inlet valve, used on some front load washers.

Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

What is the Water Inlet Valve?

The water inlet valve controls the flow of water coming from the fill hoses into the washing machine. Electronic solenoids control the valve allowing it to turn on or shut off the flow of water into the machine.

The water inlet valve is sent signals by the washer’s timer or control board and the water level switch or selector switch.

If the water stops filling the washer when the power is cut off, then there may be a problem with one of the above mentioned parts.

For water inlet valves, or other washer parts, visit

10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With Your Range

10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With Your Range and Oven

  1. Soaking Your Burners and Knob Area When Cleaning

Try to avoid soaking your range with water when cleaning it. Water and liquid from cleaning products can cause the stove top spark electrode ignitor to continuously click or spark.

Liquid and water can get into stove burner knob openings when cleaning, especially when the knobs are removed causing burner problems.

  1. Cooking Directly On the Oven’s Heating Element

Don’t cook directly on the oven’s heating element. It can damage the oven’s heating element and it can also lead to a fire.

  1. Lining Drip Pans with Foil

It might seem like a great easy-to-clean idea, but lining your drip pans with foil can overheat the burner coil and increase the possibility of an electric shock.

Instead, regularly clean the drip pans or replace them.

  1. Lining the Bottom of the Oven with Foil

Aluminum foil can block airflow and interfere with the oven’s heating element. Instead, place a baking sheet underneath anything that can spill or bubble over. Continue reading

Why Does My Gas Stove Keep Sparking?

Why Does My Gas Stove Keep Sparking?A gas stove that continuously clicks or sparks, even after the burner is lit, is an annoying problem that might have an easy solution. Here’s how to trouble shoot.

WARNING! Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. Read this before you start any repair.  

The spark electrode igniter on a Gas Range Stove top

The spark electrode igniter or surface burner igniter can be seen clearly on this gas range stove top after the burner grate, burner cap and burner head have been removed.


Clean the Spark Electrode Igniter

The spark electrode igniter (also called the surface burner igniter) sits next to the burner head on top of the stove top. This part is covered by the burner cap and might also be obstructed by the burner head. When the knob is turned and the burner is engaged, it emits a spark of electricity in order to ignite the air and gas mixture flowing from the burner head in order to create a flame.

Grease, water from overflowing pots, or even an extra wet sponge used in cleaning the stove top area can lead to the spark electrode igniter getting wet, which Continue reading

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