Boil Water Faster than Ever!

Have you ever been camping, at work, or even at home and needed to boil water or cook something quickly?  Well I have! At my work I bring in soup or leftover stew and I hate cooking it in the microwave because it always cooks it unevenly- and I hate biting into a cold potato, Yuck!  My boyfriend and our friends went camping in November and we had a little stove to cook things on but it took hours to cook something small!  We are having a sale on a portable induction burner at work and I took a look at it and it seems AMAZING! Perfect for taking camping, and work to cook things fast and all the way through. 


      When I first saw it, I will be honest, I had no idea what induction meant.  So I went onto Frigidaire’s website and investigated just what induction cooking is all about.  It turns out that induction cooking is the fastest way to boil water, and cook food on the stovetop.  Induction technology is more responsive than gas or electric, it generates heat more rapidly.  Because induction is so responsive you can go from simmer to a boil with no problem!  Induction technology is also more energy efficient which is another plus!

               So after learning all of this new information on induction cooking, I thought why not!? We are selling it for a great deal, and I need something portable for cooking when we go camping or even at home for something fast.  After purchasing my new toy I went home and boiled some water. And it was so much faster than my gas stovetop!! Needless to say after that I am hooked on induction cooking.  If you and your family go camping a lot or even are out of town a lot why not pick one of these up!

Buy yours HERE!


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