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Certified bear-resistant cooler for outdoor enthusiasts

Ideal for the hunter, fisherman, or general outdoor enthusiast, the Deep Blue Cooler by Engel can keep ice, drinks and food cool for days and also allow for plenty of abuse without breaking, warping or bending.


Engel Deep Blue 25 quart white cooler

This high-end performance ice cooler, available in 25, 65 and 80 quart volumes, features two-inch polyurethane insulation on the top, sides and bottom with a silicone food-grade gasket which keeps ice eight to ten days. The re-enforced I-beam lid allows for sitting and standing without warping.

For the fisherman and boater, the no-skid lid and feet allow for secure positioning and the chest’s built-in hand grips and rope handles allow it to be easily carried and tied down if necessary.

For the hunter and outdoorsman, the dual padlock holes allow for locking and making it “bear resistant.” In fact, it is certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Additional features:

  • Flush-mounted marine grade latches and stainless steel backing plates
  • Pitched floor allows water to self-drain completely
  • One-turn easy-open drain plug with hole for lanyard

Choose your size:

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