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Kitchen and Appliance Trends for 2013

  2013 is rapidly approaching! With the New Year right around the corner, people are starting to think about their New Year resolution(s) and how to make changes for the new year. So if you want a change for the upcoming season, why not update your home? Even if this means just purchasing an up-to-date appliance! If you’re not up to date with the latest trends, no need to worry, just keep on reading and we will let you know what is on trend and what is out for 2013. We will be focusing on styles and updates for the kitchen, and appliances.
     The main focus should be in the kitchen, if you plan on re-decorating or giving your house a “face lift”, it should start here! Entertaining has moved from the dining room, to the kitchen. All of the parties, eating, gatherings, and hosting have been moved into the kitchen. That is why all of the main trends are leaning towards house hold kitchens. The trend for the kitchen in the past was a “transitional” kitchen design, mixing patterns and woods together to get a different look. But coming in 2013, the trend has evolved to a sleek and modern look. This means your kitchen should to look simple, clean, open space, no clutter, cool colors, and sharp lines. Open space will be a big deal for the new year, with all the entertaining now in the kitchen; the more space, the better.
Concealed Appliances
  To enjoy a modern kitchen that is open and spacious you do not want to have your counters cluttered with appliances and utensils. Your new kitchen needs to be all about concealed appliances, and organized storage in cupboards and shelves so that nothing is left as a cluttered mess. Hideaway appliances are going to be a tremendous asset to your new updated kitchen. Start by buying built in appliances, so that nothing is protruding out into the way of you or your guests. If having just a built in appliance isn’t enough, why not try to disguise it even more? You can buy a refrigerator that already has wood paneling on it or you can custom order panels to put on your refrigerator so that it seamlessly blends in with your kitchen cabinets. General Electric makes a French Door Refrigerator that is built in and has the wood panels on ti already! The same goes for your dishwasher, freezers, and wine chillers. Why not purchase paneling for all of these so they blend into your kitchen design as well.
If you are not a fan of hiding your appliances behind wood paneling and want to show them off, try a stainless steal or the new Whirlpool collection called their ICE Collection . You want the cleanest, sleekest looking appliance to stay with the modern feel. Stainless steel is also staying popular for 2013.
Clutter-free Countertops 
Now that your appliances are out of your way and are blending in well with your brand new modern kitchen, it is time to make sure your counter tops are free of clutter. Make sure to have ample amount of cupboard space to store plates, cups, utensils, measuring cups, and small appliances in. Try to turn to blogs that have tons of organizing ideas and tips that cost little to no money! If you can’t store small appliances under counters in cabinets try to have small appliances on your counter that go along with the modern trend.
You want appliances that follow the color of your room, and still have the sleek look, with simple lines. Take a look at this brand new toaster from KitchenAid, it is on sale on KitchenAid’s pro line series starting at $399.99, and it meets the modern sleek look for your kitchen. The Pro Line 2-Slice Automatic Toaster is the best new thing in toaster technology. It has several shade setting, an auto sensor, a warming feature and much more. The toaster comes in red, black and pearl white, the white and black would be perfect to go with the neutral colors for the kitchen; where as the red would add a pop of color to the room. Follow the look of this appliance for small appliances that will need to stay on your counter top.
Make a Statement with Color
Take a look around the room you are in, do the colors make you feel happy, calm, or maybe energetic? Color can really make a statement in your home, and freshens up any room without a huge overhaul re-model. When following trends, color is always changing. Depending on what look and feel you want for any part of your house, it all starts out with the color you choose. With the trend in the kitchen being modern you want to have more natural, and neutral colors surrounding you. The colors that will be in trend are grays, browns, whites, and blacks. Adding a pop of color such as green or turquoise will waken up the room. Color does not just have to go onto walls, you can always add color with your cabinets going for different woods and stains, such as a slate colored stain. (Found at KraftMaid) You can paint your kitchen a nice bright clean white color and have these slate panel doors to add that modern feel to your kitchen.
Unique and decorative back splash
Another big trend we are seeing are the use of different back splashes to tie a room together. We are talking about a wide range of back splashes, from wallpaper to glass! You can put up wallpaper as your back splash keeping in mind the modern look of the kitchen, try using a color or pattern of wallpaper that will make a statement, but not take away from the rest of the room. You can also use the same wallpaper to line the inside of your cabinets, or use it as a small trim around the room. A big trend in back splashes that we are seeing is the use of seamless glass. I think glass would be perfect to use with the modern trend. Glass is clean, sleek, clean lines, and adds a modern class to the room. Besides all the cosmetic value it has, glass is so easy to keep clean! If anything gets on it or smudges all you need is some Windex and a couple paper towels and BAM, a clean back splash! There is also use of art work as a back splash. Try finding a piece of art (like a giant fork), to hang as your back splash, this will add an edgy art vibe into the room while still keeping it modern. If you ever feel like changing the art work its as easy as taking it off the wall and hanging something else in its place!
Modern, LED lighting 
Now its time to show off these new colors and back splashes in your kitchen with lighting. The lighting trend for the new year, is all over brightness. The more lights the better, it provides a bright, welcoming feel for guests. The lights to use are built in LED lights for under cabinets, LED strip lighting, track lighting and appliances that have ambient lighting built into them. Never heard of an appliance with ambient lighting built in? Take a look at this new microwave from Whirlpool, its the Limited Edition Max Microwave. I find this microwave to be so cool and inventive!
Depending on the function, the microwave will change colors for each. It emits a white light when it is ready and on stand by, a green light for the healthy steam cooking function. A red light for cooking and crisper setting. And a blue light for the jet defrost program. The microwave comes in four different colors, caffeine, platinum, bronze, and moonlight. These colors fight perfect for the new modern look. They are also compact and round completing the sleek clean look.
     Now that you know the new trends for your kitchen re-model for the New Year, you can get started on updating! Make sure you keep in mind sleek, modern, and open spaces in your kitchen. Do not forget the placement of furniture. Tables, chairs, bar stools, islands etc. These need to be kept to a minimum or out of the way. You will want the extra space for all the guests wanting to see your new, updated, state-of-the art kitchen. Bon Appetite and Cheers!
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