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Use Your Dryer To Kill Ticks on Your Clothing

Kill-ticks-in-your-dryerHere’s a great tip for summer: After camping or spending time outside, toss dry clothing into a dryer on high heat for 6 minutes to kill any ticks.

It turns out ticks are sensitive to dryness and high heat. If the clothing items are wet, run the dryer cycle for a longer cycle time. This is according to research done by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “The recent research found that drying time can be significantly reduced if clothes aren’t washed first, as ticks are extremely sensitive to dryness.”

The researchers tested washing items of clothing in cold, warm and hot water. It found that many of the ticks survived the wash cycle and took a longer time to die in the dryer afterwards.


Preventing Oven Door Explosions

preventing-oven-door-explosionsImagine the shock you would feel if your oven door suddenly exploded in your kitchen. That’s what happened to Johnsie Mason of on Wadmalaw Island, S.C.

According to her story on WCBD, “Mason just finished cooking a pizza in her oven and decided to run a self-cleaning cycle. Sometime between the end of the self-cleaning cycle and the cool down, the oven door glass exploded leaving glass across her kitchen.”

An appliance repair person interviewed in the story said the glass shattering was probably due to Continue reading

Oven Hot but Turned Off – How to Fix

Oven Hot but Turned Off – How to FixAn oven that is hot or still heating even when turned off can be a scary, confusing problem. However, there are a few parts that may have become faulty and could be causing this problem. With a little know-how, you can fix a Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, Kenmore or Whirlpool oven that is not cooling down even when the oven is turned off, yourself. Here are some parts that could be causing this problem.  Replacing one or more of these parts could solve the problem of an oven staying hot, even when it is turned off.

First, disconnect any power going to range or oven either by flipping the breaker that supplies power to the oven or unplugging the appliance. Wait until the oven is completely cool before attempting any repairs.

Temperature Sensor

Samsung Oven Temperature Sensor

Samsung Oven Temperature Sensor – This range oven temperature sensor measures the oven temperature.

Most modern ranges that have an electronic control will use a temperature sensor inside the oven to monitor the temperature. If the sensor Continue reading

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