The Forearm Forklift

     Over the summer my boyfriend and I bought a new couch and needed to remove our old couch out of the living room.  So I figured just the two of us could move it with no problem, how heavy could this couch really be? Well I was wrong and moving this couch was more of a struggle for me than I could imagine. I would get the couch up and then I would have to put it down after a minute because it got too heavy or my hands would start to slip! This became annoying to my boyfriend who was having no issue picking it up. Finally we got the couch out of the house, and I was left with an aggravated boyfriend. Never the less, I have not moved anything out of our apartment since. 


               Going through our products at work I saw a new item that just came in called the Forearm Forklift, on the packaging there were two people lifting a DRYER with ease. I took a look at the product with skepticism. There is no way that these two band like things were going to help lift a dryer.  So I went online and looked at some of the reviews, and people raved about it! A lot of the comments said that it made moving heavy and bulky items so much easier. I was amazed, and still a little hesitant about it. So I had to try it for myself.  Another woman that I work with and I decided that we would try it for ourselves. At our work there are some heavy things that we could move, but we decided to try it out on a dryer that we have here. 


               It was really easy to set up and use the Forearm Forklift.  All you need to do is lay the strips down on the ground parallel to one another and then slide them underneath whatever it is you are moving. After that you grab the two ends of the strips and slid your arms into the openings.  There are three different levels of openings depending on how high you want to lift the item. When we were ready we both let each other know and we lifted the dryer… WITH NO PROBLEM! We just lifted it right off of the ground and carried it around our work place! We were both so excited that this actually worked! Now when we help our significant others move they will not get aggravated!





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