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Prevent Lumpy Pillows and Comforters with This Dryer Hack

Prevent Lumpy Pillows and Comforters with This Dryer HackKeep pillows and comforters fluffy by using wool dryer balls during the dryer’s cycle.

The wool dryer balls help prevent down-filled items from becoming lumpy and are said to help prevent static cling and wrinkles, soften fabrics and help speed up the drying process. As a bonus, they contain no chemicals and can either be made or purchased online.

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Add a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls to add a pleasant scent to your dried laundry.

Be aware that these dryer balls eventually breakdown after so many tumbles in the dryer, so they will need to be replaced.

If you do not have any dryer balls on hand, a clean, new tennis ball might due. However, test the ball first to see if the color may bleed on to your item. Be mindful of the heat level you use in your dryer as that may cause color to transfer from the tennis ball to the item being dried. To be safe, use a low heat or no heat cycle.


How to clean your dishwasher

It seems funny that an appliance you use for cleaning, needs cleaning itself. However, over time, build up from hard water minerals, soap, food and other debris can really affect your dishwasher’s ability to get your dishes clean. To prevent this — and larger repair bills down the road — clean your dishwasher regularly.


Over time, mineral deposits from hard water, food, and detergent build-up and residue can really affect your dishwasher’s ability to clean.

First, clean any glass, plastic, food or other debris that ends up near the drain filter at the bottom of your dishwasher. You can use either paper towels or a cloth to wipe around the bottom of your dishwasher. Be careful, as broken glass and other sharp objects can be hiding there, not easily seen.

You can also use a dishwasher cleaner like affresh to clean your dishwasher, or use white vinegar to clean your machine.

To use affresh, simply place a pod in your machine’s detergent dispenser and run a regular cycle. The detergent will help remove any mineral deposit build-up from hard water along with excess detergent and soap residue, mildew, smells and stains inside your dishwasher.

If you want to go the homemade way, place your vinegar in a mug or bowl in the upper rack of your dishwasher and run a normal cycle using the hottest water possible.  Stop your dishwasher in the middle of the cycle (before the wash cycle) while the bottom is full of water and pour two cups of white vinegar into the standing water in the bottom. Let it soak for 30 minutes and finish cleaning the wall of your dishwasher. Close the door and let your dishwasher finish the rest of its cycle.

If you have any food stains on the inside of your dishwasher, use baking soda (a cup will do) and run it through a separate cycle after the vinegar cleaning.  This will also add a fantastic clean smell to your dishwasher.

Now might be a good time to also inspect your appliance; how do the dishwasher racks look? If you notice the plastic coating on your dishwasher racks broken or chipped off, you can repair them with a dishwasher rack tine repair kit.

You can also buy dishwasher rack replacement roller parts so your dishwasher racks will move more smoothly when you load and unload dishes.

However, if your racks are badly damaged and rusting and you have noticed rust stains in your appliance or on your dishes, it might be time to replace your dishwasher racks with new ones.

Do you have any dishwasher cleaning tips?

Making natural household cleaners with Jill Marchioli of Healthy Homemakers

Saturday was the “Spring Cleaning Show How” event by the community group Communify: Buffalo. Communify has a Facebook page that encourages individuals to share, exchange and barter within the community (using the group’s Facebook page) in order to “foster sustainability and reduce waste.” Jill Marchioli of Healthy Homemakers, a presenter at the event, gave recipes for creating your own all-natural cleaners.

Make your own natural cleaners

Citrus Vinegar all-purpose cleaner* This  all-purpose cleaner also works great on windows and glass, but is not recommend for stone or marble countertops.* To make the citrus mixture: soak citrus rinds from the citrus fruit of your choice (orange, lemon, grapefruit) in water for two weeks. After two weeks, strain and save the  citrus-infused water in a bottle. Mix the citrus-infused water with vinegar using a one-to-one ratio (one cup citrus mixture to one cup vinegar) in a spray bottle.   Nature’s bleach for clothes and cleaning Use this alternative to bleach for clothing or other household cleaning. It will help to whiten whites and soften clothes said Marchioli.

  • 12 cups of water
  • ½ cup of lemon juice
  • 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 40 drops of lemon essential oil (Adds natural anti-bacterial properties along with an amazing smell.)

Use a glass jar to store this mixture due to the addition of the essential oil which can degrade plastic said Marchioli. These cleaners will last for months and most essential oils can be purchased either online or at your local grocery or health food store. Find more ideas and home cleaning tips at healthy-homemakers.com. What’s your favorite all-natural cleaner? Share below or on our Facebook page.

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