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Brace Yourselves, The Freezer is Leaking!

How do you know when you need to replace your freezer door gasket?

You may need to replace your freezer door gasket if the freezer is constantly running, there is a frost buildup around the door, or the door doesn’t seal properly.  Replacing the gasket can fix all of these problems simply.

Here is a handy link on how to do it, step by step.

Call Every Appliance Part for help on which gasket fits your freezer (or refrigerator)!

Vintage Making a Comeback!

Here at Every Appliance Part, we are loving the look of vintage appliances in updated kitchens.  The traditional style appliances alongside today’s clean and contemporary fixtures really makes a kitchen pop.

What do you think about vintage styles? Would you bring a vintage appliance into your kitchen?

Let us know what you think!

It’s Electric!

Take a look around your house; I am assuming you have some sort of electronics around the room you are sitting in.  In my apartment there are TONS of electronics, seeing as how my boyfriend loves to play video games.  If you have electronics, this includes your microwaves and other appliances are you using a surge protector? If not you could be putting your electronics in for some danger.  You should always use a surge protector because it protects your electronics (mainly computers, TVs, etc.) from surges in power.  So you may be asking- “okay, I have no idea what that means…”  Let me start by telling you what a power surge is, in case you do not know, because I honestly had no clue what it actually was either. A power surge is a significant increase in voltage, or the flow of electricity, that goes above the normal household wiring voltage amount.  When the voltage goes about the amounted volts it can cause serious damage on the machine.  After a series of surges it can wear down the overloaded components in the electronic, causing it to simply not work.


               It is important that you buy surge protectors for electronics in your house to prevent any of that from happening.  As it happens my boyfriend has them all over the house so we are perfectly protected from any surges that come our way!  So instead of frying your expensive computer or electronic, invest in a surge protector for $9.45! Ten dollars is way cheaper than buying another $2,000.00 TV or computer!  I hope I helped to protect your electronics, and helped to keep money in your wallets! Come back again Wednesday for some more tips and trick in the appliance world.

Bring your Stainless Steel Back to Life!

     I absolutely love the sleek, clean, and refined look of stainless steel in my kitchen.  I like how modern it makes my kitchen look and feel.  There are some downfalls to having stainless steel appliances in the kitchen though.  I feel like I am always cleaning my refrigerator, but that is fine because I use Affresh stainless steel cleaner in the spray and wipes for a quick and easy clean!  But the real problem I face with my stainless steel fridge is the scratches!  I try to be careful not to scratch it, but come on; while I am cooking I am constantly going in and out of the fridge using my hip to shut the door. So there are a few small and bigger scratches down the side of my fridge.

               I have tried to use the cosmetic wipes and “fillers” that claim the scratches will be gone. But they have only left me disappointed and wasting money.  I really wanted to have a product that would actually fix these scratches not just cover them up to look like they are gone.  At work I did some research, and to my surprise I found a great kit that fixes scratches and scrapes for stainless steel appliances! The name of the kit said it all, Scratch-B-Gone, I was so excited when I found this!  This kit comes with everything you need to fix your appliances with ease and relief knowing your appliance will look great!  I was pretty amazed when I received the kit and read that not only will this take scratches off but it will also get rust off.  I was amazed, is this kit magical? I think so.  I was excited to take it home and give it a try over the weekend. 

               I got a bit overwhelmed when I opened the package to find a lot of things in there that I had no idea how to use.  But thanks to GE they inserted a CD that gives you instructions on how to use each thing in the kit. Phew! So I listened to the CD and got to work, and in no time my fridge was beginning to look like new again! My level of happiness soared when I saw how great it looked, and I felt accomplished knowing that I did it myself! It was an easy process, and I would definitely use this again in the summer when it is time to clean out the grill! So take a look at your appliances now, see any scratches? Then this kit is right for you! Have fun with your appliances, and remember there is always something out there to help keep your appliances looking and running like new! Come back this week to see the part of the week, and a new recipe on Friday to try over the weekend!



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