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Testing an Appliance Part for Continuity with a Multimeter

When it comes to appliance repair sometimes the damaged part is pretty obvious, for example a broken hinge or a snapped belt.  But when it comes to electrical components, it’s not a simple as looking for the broken or damaged part.  Sometimes it takes a bit more investigating to find the culprit.


Part # DM10T : Digital Multimeter with Temperature Sensor

Parts like fuses, switches, coils, heating elements, circuit boards, and disc thermostats can be functioning improperly but appear to be perfectly fine with no signs of damage or corrosion.  So how do you test these parts?  With a volt-ohm meter, more commonly referred to as a multimeter.  With a multimeter, you have the ability to check for continuity and/or resistance relatively easily.

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How to fix a noisy dryer

Worn Drum Rollers If your clothes dryer is incredibly noisy whenever you use it, it might be time to look at a few parts. Here are some of the noises that your dryer might be making and the parts that might be causing them.

Scraping metallic sound: drum glides or slides

The drum glides and slides provide support and a smooth surface for the dryer drum to rotate on during operation. When the drum Continue reading

Why does my clothes dryer shut off?

clothes dryer lint screenIf your clothes dryer turns off too soon, or shuts down after running for a short while before your load is fully dried, check the following parts:  dryer filter, venting, moisture sensor, high limit thermostat, blower wheel and the motor.

The first thing to check is to make sure that the dryer filter and venting is free from lint-build up. Lint buildup can restrict the air flow from your dryer, causing Continue reading

The Cure To All Of Your Season’s Messes

The worst messes are always the most difficult to clean up.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Between gum in the carpet, crayons on the walls,  makeup on your clothes, or grease in your driveway, there always seems to be some sort of stain or mess that “will never be able to be cleaned”!

Fear no more, Goo Gone is here to the rescue!  This amazing little bottle of goop is the remedy to life’s toughest stains and messes.  My father keeps this on hand at all times for every situation.  The messes mentioned above? – No sweat!


To get the full magical power of Goo Gone, you have to apply it, and let it sit for a minute (for hard surfaces only).  Then wipe away the Goo Gone and the stain, clean it with soapy water, and ta-da!  Your mess is gone!  For softer surfaces such as upholstery or carpeting, you’ll need to blot the stain with a clean white cloth with a spot of Goo Gone on it.  Repeat this step until the stain is gone, clean the area with soap and water, and rinse the area again with water. Dry the area with a clean cloth to speed up the drying time, and once the majority of the moisture is gone, let it air dry.

This is a product that my family and I swear by, and we would recommend it to anyone who needs it.  Even if you don’t need it immediately, it is an amazing product to keep on hand in case of an accident. You never know when the kids will have a scribble-fest on the walls right before the in-laws come over!

And always remember, for all of your appliance parts needs, Every Appliance Part has your solution!

‘Tis The Season To Do A Thorough Cleaning

Moving your large home appliances can be such a hassle when trying to deep clean your home.  Just getting your appliance to move is one thing, but then there’s the frustration of trying not to scratch your nice hardwood or tile floors.  Here at Every Appliance Part, we love to keep our homes clean, and anything that will help make that easier, is going to be tested and tried to the fullest extent.

Recently we discovered the greatest invention ever: Glide N’ Guard.


This nifty little pack contains six interlocking tracks made of a

special polymer plastic which allows you to simply slide your appliances in and out of their designated spots in the kitchen and laundry room.  The thick plastic guards your precious floors from scratches and scrapes, while easing the process of moving your appliance out of its spot to clean behind it (or to dig out that chew toy your pup lodged underneath it).

Luckily, this pack is inexpensive, and definitely worth the small investment.  Save your floors (and backs) from expensive repairs by trying this product out.

Let us know what you think!

Brace Yourselves, The Freezer is Leaking!

How do you know when you need to replace your freezer door gasket?

You may need to replace your freezer door gasket if the freezer is constantly running, there is a frost buildup around the door, or the door doesn’t seal properly.  Replacing the gasket can fix all of these problems simply.

Here is a handy link on how to do it, step by step.

Call Every Appliance Part for help on which gasket fits your freezer (or refrigerator)!

Vintage Making a Comeback!

Here at Every Appliance Part, we are loving the look of vintage appliances in updated kitchens.  The traditional style appliances alongside today’s clean and contemporary fixtures really makes a kitchen pop.

What do you think about vintage styles? Would you bring a vintage appliance into your kitchen?

Let us know what you think!

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