Keep These Kitchen Items Out of The Dishwasher

Keep These Items Out of the Dishwasher The dishwasher is a great convenience when it comes to cleaning, but some kitchen items should not be cleaned by the dishwasher as it may damage the item or the appliance itself. Here are the items you are better off cleaning by hand.

Some Plastic Items

Generally, reusable plastic cups and dishes are dishwasher safe. Check the item for markings that it is dishwasher safe. Even if the item is dishwasher safe, be sure to place it only on the top rack away from the intense heat of the lower rack.

Some plastic items contain decorations and finishes that may become damaged in the dishwasher. Again, check the items for manufacturer’s recommendations.

Temporary food containers and recyclable plastics should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. The high heat from the water or drying cycle can cause the item to warp and melt and also cause harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA to leach from the plastic containers.

Items with Labels or Stickers

Paper stickers and labels can slide off jars and other items and clog the wash system or drain inside the dishwasher. Be sure to remove all stickers and labels before placing the item in the dishwasher.

Wooden Cutting Boards and Utensils

Items made of wood can warp or crack due to high heat and long exposure to moisture. It’s better to wash these items by hand.

Cast-Iron Cookware

The dishwasher can remove the seasoning of the cast iron which creates its non-stick cooking surface and protects it from rust.

Copper Cooking Pots

Cooper cooking pots and other items made from precious metals like silver and gold can become discolored and dull from the dishwasher.


The blade of the knife can become dull and the high heat can loosen and damage the knives’ handle.

Fine China, Crystal or Painted Plates

Don’t risk damage to these delicate items which can chip or crack while in the dishwasher. Delicate hand-painted finishes can also become faded or scratched.

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