Why Does My Gas Stove Keep Sparking?

Why Does My Gas Stove Keep Sparking?A gas stove that continuously clicks or sparks, even after the burner is lit, is an annoying problem that might have an easy solution. Here’s how to trouble shoot.

WARNING! Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. Read this before you start any repair.  

The spark electrode igniter on a Gas Range Stove top

The spark electrode igniter or surface burner igniter can be seen clearly on this gas range stove top after the burner grate, burner cap and burner head have been removed.


Clean the Spark Electrode Igniter

The spark electrode igniter (also called the surface burner igniter) sits next to the burner head on top of the stove top. This part is covered by the burner cap and might also be obstructed by the burner head. When the knob is turned and the burner is engaged, it emits a spark of electricity in order to ignite the air and gas mixture flowing from the burner head in order to create a flame.

Grease, water from overflowing pots, or even an extra wet sponge used in cleaning the stove top area can lead to the spark electrode igniter getting wet, which can causes the constant sparking. First, try to clean or dry the area around the spark electrode igniter.

How to Clean a Gas Stove Igniter to Keep It From Sparking

  1. Unplug the stove or switch off the circuit breaker to make sure there is no power flowing to the stove.
  2. Remove the grate and the burner cap in order to get access to the igniter.
  3. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol in order to clean the igniter and to dissolve any liquid.
  4. Leave the burners apart for a while to air dry.
  5. Assemble the parts of the burner back together and restore power back to the stove to see if this solves the problem.

If this does not solve the problem, then there may be a defective stove part.

Spark Ignition Switch

GE Gas Range Spark Switch Harness WB18T10412

GE Gas Range Spark Switch Harness WB18T10412. Helps to light the burners and create heat for the range. Works on some General Electric manufactured range models

Another part that might cause a constantly clicking stovetop is the spark ignition switch. The spark ignition switch sends power to the spark module when the stovetop knob is turned on to light the burner. The spark module then sends voltage to the spark electrode igniter which produces a spark to create a flame.

The spark ignition switch might become defective and fail to close, leading to a continuously sparking igniter. Use a multimeter to test each switch while in the “off” position. If one or more of the switches shows continuity in this position, replace one or all of the switches.

Spark Module

General Electric Spark Modul. Part number WB13K25

General Electric Spark Modul. Part number WB13K25

 Electrolux Spark Module Part Number: 318079001

Electrolux Spark Module Part Number: 318079001. This oven spark module produces the spark needed to ignite the burner elements. For use with various Electrolux brand models.

The spark module provides power to the spark igniter. If after checking the spark electrode igniters and testing the Spark Ignition Switches and finding no issues with these parts, consider replacing the spark module.

For all these Gas Range Parts and any other appliance part, visit EveryAppliancePart.com.

Why Dies My Gas Stove Keep Sparking?

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