Helpful Appliance Tips: Dishwasher Settings to Try, How to Fix an Ice Maker That Makes Hollow Ice and more

Dishwasher Settings to TryHere are some helpful appliance-related tips we are seeing from around the web.

Dishwasher Settings to Try

Your dishwasher comes with other cycles other than normal and Real Simple goes over some situations in which you might want to use these alternative cycles.

Use the sanitize cycle to kill any germs on items, like when a family member is ill. This cycle gives a final 155 degree water rinse in order to kill germs.

Use the heavy wash to clean crusty, baked-on dishes and the top-rack cycle to clean lightly soiled items like glasses from a party. Read about more Dishwasher Settings to Try.

Ice Maker is Making Hollow Ice CurbesIce Maker is Making Hollow Ice Cubes

An ice maker that produces hollow ice cubes that shatter and melt quickly is an annoying problem. offers some solutions in their article “Why your ice maker is making hollow ice cubes and how to fix it.”

Some of the fixes are very easy ones, such as adjusting the temperature inside the freezer, changing the water filer and checking to make sure there are no kinks in the water line.

All About Range Vent HoodsAll About Range Vent Hoods

If you are not familiar with range vent hoods or are thinking about replacing your current vent hood, this article from This Old House offers up some excellent advice and covers the different types of hoods and how to determine what you need.

insideofdishwasherHow to Reduce Suds in the Dishwasher

If you accidentally use the wrong detergent inside your dishwasher, here’s some advice on what to do from Horizon Services Cooling, Heating & Plumbing.

• Sprinkle table salt across the suds to disperse them.
• Add a large quantity of ice cubes into the dishwasher to lower the water temperature and reduce the sudsing.
• Soak up as much water and suds as you can with a dry towel. Run the dishwasher again in rinse mode and repeat the salt and ice again if necessary.
• As a last resort, add a cup of liquid fabric softener to break up the suds. Let the dishwasher run for a few seconds, then select the drain cycle.

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