Why Does My Gas Stove Turn My Pots Black?

Why Does My Gas Stove Turn My Pots Black?Pots and pans used on a gas stove sometimes develop black marks on them. This sooting or staining can be caused by uneven heating, heat that is turned up too high, or even a dirty stove top. Here’s how to fix these problems and prevent future black marks on your cookware.

Uneven Heating

The proper surface burner flame should be 5/8 inches high with a well-defined blue flame. If a flame is a blue color with a yellow center, or a yellow flame, then this could indicate a problem with the air gas mixture.  Adjust the air shutter on the surface burner to obtain the correct size and color.  However, sealed burner cooktops cannot make any air adjustments.

If the stove was recently converted to liquid propane, then contact a servicer in order to make sure that the appliance has the proper-sized burner orifice.

Too High Heat

If the burner flame is touching the bottom of the pan, then adjust your heat lower to avoid the flame scotching the bottom of the pan.

A Dirty Stove

A dirty stove, or a burner covered in any type of residue, can smoke and leave sooty deposits on pots and pans. Keep the stove top clean from spills, grease and splatters.

Make sure the ports or openings on the gas burner are free from dirt and debris in order to have an even flame and to allow proper gas flow. Clear the ports with a needle, straight pin or small-gauge wire.

Make sure the burner caps are clean and seated properly to avoid poor ignition and uneven flames. Make sure the burner head and caps sit flat and flush with the cooktop surface.

Here are some more cleaning tips on how to clean a gas stove cooktop

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