How to Replace a Gas Range Top Burner Ignitor

Gas-Range-Top-Burner-IgnitorIf your gas burner is not lighting, then it might be due to a defective top burner ignitor. This gas oven part creates the spark to light the surface burner.

  1. In order to replace this part, first remove the grate, burner cap and the burner to expose the igniter.
  2. Using a putty knife, pry the igniter up and the pull it through the range.
  3. Using pliers, disconnect the wiring from the old igniter.
  4. Purchase a new gas range top burner ignitor from using the model number located on the gas range.igniter-wiring
  5. Connect the wiring to the new ignitor by plugging the wiring into the bottom of the ignitor. Slide the ignitor back into the top of the range.
  6. Replace the burner, burner top and grate.

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