Washer Does Not Turn On, Spin or Drain – How to Fix

Washer-Does-Not-Turn-On,-Spin-or-Drain-–-How-to-FixIf your washer will not turn on, or your washer will not spin or drain, it might be due to a faulty or missing lid switch actuator. This washer part sits inside the washer’s lid and comes into contact with the lid switch inside your washer.

When the door lid is shut, the lid switch actuator is inserted into the lid switch which causes the washing machine to turn on, spin and drain when it reaches that part in the washer’s cycle.

Location of a Replacing the lid switch actuator on KitchenAid washerThe photo above shows what the lid switch actuator looks like on a KitchenAid top-loading washer and also where it is located.

To replace the lid switch actuator, simply use a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze one end of the actuator, while pulling it with your hands on the other to remove it from frame of the machine.

Replacing the lid switch actuator on KitchenAid washer

Purchase a new Lid Switch Actuator at EveryAppliancePart.com, using your washer’s model number to find the right part, and insert it into place.

Make sure the lid switch actuator aligns properly with the lid switch by closing the lid of the washer. You may need to make adjustments with the pliers.

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