Washer Sud Or Sd Error – How To Fix

Washer Sud Or Sd Error – How To Fix
If your Samsung HE washer, Kenmore, Whirlpool, or other brand of washer,  displays a “Sud” error or “Sd” fault code, it means that there are too many suds in your washer than the machine can handle through its normal washing cycle. Here’s what could be causing this problem and how to fix it.

Too much Detergent or Wrong Type of Detergent

Some washers will detect the excess suds and will automatically add additional pauses and rinse times in order to break up the suds. The pauses will allow the bubbles in the suds to break up on their own. Additional rinsing will also occur as well.  These additional pauses and rinses will add additional time to length of your cycle.

If the washer does not do add extra steps to disperse suds on its own, run the machine through a rinse/spin cycle then a normal wash cycle without adding any detergent.

Dirty Machine

If the problem keeps occurring and it’s not due to improper detergent or detergent amounts, then your washer might just need a good cleaning. Run your washer through “Clean Washer” cycle to remove residual detergent. Get more washing machine cleaning tips.

Item Caught In Drain Pump

Sometimes, your washer will flash an additional fault code, along with the SUDS or SD error. Pay attention to this code as it could indicate a problem with the drain pump. Check inside the drain pump for any foreign objects like hair bands, coins, socks, or lint and remove any obstructions. Find out how to remove a clog from a drain pump.

Clogged or Kinked Drain Hose

Check and clear the drain hose of kinks, or obstructions such as lint, clothing or other debris.

Failing Basket Drive Hub

The basket drive hub is small plastic part with splines or fins that sits on the transmission shaft and helps turn the agitator or impeller on a washer. If your washer is not agitating or spinning properly, it could be due to this part failing.  If you can rotate the impeller while holding the inside tub still with your hand, then this might indicate that your drive hub needs replacing. Remove the washer’s agitator or impeller and replace the basket drive hub.

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