How to fix a dryer that will not spin, tumble or turn

Drum Repair Kit Part number: 4392065

Drum Repair Kit Part number: 4392065 Whirlpool brand machine dryers – both gas and electric. This dryer repair kit includes a belt Also included are two drum rollers, 4 tri-rings, a clip, an instruction sheet, and an idler pulley. Use this repair kit when dryer becomes noisy, will not start, will not tumble, not enough or no heat, and leaves marks on clothing.

If your dryer will not spin, tumble or turn, it might be due to one, or several of the following parts. Sometimes, these parts wear out equally overtime and it’s a good idea to replace all parts at once to save time. You can save money by buying all these parts together in a kit. Here are the parts to check.

Broken, frayed or loose Dryer Belt

The first thing to check is the dryer belt. If the dryer belt is broken, it will be obvious. But sometimes the belt can fray or slip. Replacing a fraying or slipped belt is a good idea, but it might also require that you replace other parts of the dryer as well.

Worn Idler Pulley Assembly 

The idler pulley assembly provides tension on the drum belt so it stays in place when the drum is filled with laundry. If your belt is loose, or worn, it might be a good idea to replace the idler pulley assembly as well. You can buy a kit that includes all these parts to replace at one time, Saving both time and money.

Worn Dryer Drum Support Rollers

Over time, the dryer drum support rollers can wear out from use becoming irregular and leading to squealing, thumping and rumbling noises from your dryer.

Worn Drum Glides

The drum glides or slides help support the dryer drum as it turns. Worn glides can cause added friction to the drum when it turns and can also strain and wear the motor and other parts, leading to a dryer breakdown. Replace worn glides with new ones.

Drum Bearing Kit 5303281153

Drum Bearing Kit 5303281153 – This drum bearing kit includes the metal bracket with the ball that rides in the white plastic holder, the mounting hardware, screws and a tube a lithium grease. View full image Part number: 5303281153 Manufacturer: Electrolux Used on these Brands: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Sears, Tappan, White-Westinghouse,

Worn Drum Bearing

The drum bearing, located at the rear of the drum, supports the dryer drum. A worn bearing can be noisy and cause added stress to the drum and other parts when in use. Replace a bad bearing with a new one.

Bad Dryer Motor

If your dryer does not finish a cycle, or if you stop the dryer to add another item and the dryer won’t restart right away, these could be indications that the motor is going bad.

Also, if you hear a loud hum or buzz before the motor turns on, this might also be another indication that the motor is failing and will need to be replaced.

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