Prevent Pet Hair From Destroying Your Washer

How to Prevent Pet Hair From Destroying Your WasherIf you have a four-legged friend, you might be familiar with how pet hair can accumulate everywhere, especially during the summer months. All that cat and dog fur might end up clumping up your washer’s drain pump or your home’s plumbing – leaving you with expensive repair bills. To prevent this, follow these simple suggestions.

Try to remove any pet hair before washing using a vacuum, dryer or the wet rubber glove method. Put on a rubber glove, dampen and run your gloved hand over the item removing hair from the item.

To remove pet hair using the dryer, use a short, no-heat cycle and add a dryer sheet to breakup any static cling that keeps hair clinging to the fabric.  The dryer will loosen and catch any pet hair in the lint screen.  Shake out the items after they come out of the dryer to remove any remaining hair.

After washing any pet bedding, remember to wipe down the sides of your washer’s tub to prevent stray hair from transferring onto other laundry loads.

You can also leave the washer’s lid open to let the tub air dry and use a vacuum hose attachment to suck up any remaining dry hair.

Run a washer cleaning cycle to make sure any stray hairs are removed and your washer is clean and ready for your next laundry load.

How to Clear a Clog in a Washer Drain Pump

If you do suspect there is a clog in your washer drain pump, you will need to access the drain pump located at the bottom of your washer. Be sure to follow all safety instructions before you begin any work on your washer.


  1. You may need to remove a panel and detach washer hoses so you can lay your machine on its side to access the drain pump.
  2. Remove any electrical connections such as a wire harness that attaches to the pump usually through a plug or clip.
  3. You may also need to loosen screws or release clips that hold the pump into place.
  4. Detach the internal and external hoses that are connected to the pump, usually with a clamp. Be careful and have a bucket or towel handy, as excess water may be in the hoses.
  5. Using pliers, lift up on the clamps to detach the hoses.
  6. Unclog any obstruction you may find in the pump and reattach everything.

If your washer is still not draining, then you may need a new drain pump or other washer part. Purchase a new washer pump at


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One thought on “Prevent Pet Hair From Destroying Your Washer

  1. […] Sometimes, your washer will flash an additional fault code, along with the SUDS or SD error. Pay attention to this code as it could indicate a problem with the drain pump. Check inside the drain pump for any foreign objects like hair bands, coins, socks, or lint and remove any obstructions. Find out how to remove a clog from a drain pump. […]

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