How to Get the Cleanest Dishes from Your Dishwasher

Unloading clean dishes from dishwasherTo make sure you are getting the most out of your dishwasher, here are some loading tips:
• Load large items at the side and back so they don’t block the water spray
• Face the soiled surfaces inward so they’re hit by the spray.
• Load Silverware and cups on an angle so water can run off the bottoms and dry properly.
• Keep your dirtiest dishes towards the center of the rack.
• Don’t overfill your dishwasher; you want to allow water to circulate among items for proper cleaning.
• Check to make sure you are using the proper amount of detergent. Most people overfill which can actually lead to poorer cleaning results and can clog parts in your dishwasher.

Also, make sure you are regularly cleaning your dishwasher! You can’t get the best cleaning experience from a dirty dishwasher. Learn “How to Clean Your Dishwasher.”

If you need to replace any parts of your dishwasher, including the silverware basket, detergent dispenser, spray arms, filter, handle or other part, visit Or call 800-285-5833 for help finding the correct part for your make and model of dishwasher. Where to locate your dishwasher model number

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