Dirty Stovetop? Worry No Longer

Electric stove tops can easily get dirty and grimy from everyday cooking. Sometimes the dirt and grime builds up and it can be extremely hard to clean.  Affresh cooktop cleaner is a non-abrasive cleaner that cleans hard to clean up messes without making you scrub really hard. Watch how easy Affresh makes cooktop cleaning for this DIYer.

Step 1: Remove excess burned on food by scraping with bladed tool.

Step 2: Apply Affresh Cooktop Cleaner to dirty areas of cooktop.

Step 3: Use provided scrubbing pads to scrub in the cleaner.

Step 4: Wipe away and buff surface with soft cloth or paper towel.

Affresh cooktop cleaner is safe for all ceramic, porcelain, and glass cooktops. Affresh can clean up most messes. You can achieve that new stove and cooktop look once again. This cleaner can cut through the toughest baked on residue. It’s now available for purchase on our website here.



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