Washing in a Dirty Washer Leads to Dirtier Laundry

cleaning-Your-Washing-MachineDid you know that your washer can harbor such dangerous bacteria and organisms  as hepatitis A virus, norovirus, salmonella and E. coli and that those organisms  can be transferred from the machine to newly-cleaned clothes and ultimately to you? That’s why it’s important to clean your washing machine regularly.

Dirty clothes and underwear introduce a variety of bacteria into the washing machine environment. If you skip bleach and routinely wash in cold or warm water, you are not killing the bacteria inside your machine.

“Most of the hot water people use is not hot enough. You need water that’s between 140 and 150 degrees to kill germs,” said Philip Tierno, a professor of microbiology and pathology at the New York University School of Medicine in a story by ABCNews.com.

If you do not want to use bleach with your clothing, that’s ok, just run an empty cycle with bleach and water. How often you do it is up to you, but if you have a family (especially young kids) you probably want to clean it more frequently . Use this time to also check out the hoses on your machine and other parts that can become worn, leading to leaks and water damage.

For front-loading high-efficiency washing machines, be sure to wipe down the gasket seal around your washer. You might need to manually peel back the rubber seal to clean inside it. Get more tips for cleaning a HE Washer.

After each load, leave the door to the washer ajar to allow the interior tub to dry.

Pull out and clean the laundry dispenser drawer and clean around the laundry dispenser area.

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One thought on “Washing in a Dirty Washer Leads to Dirtier Laundry

  1. […] If the problem keeps occurring and it’s not due to improper detergent or detergent amounts, then your washer might just need a good cleaning. Run your washer through “Clean Washer” cycle to remove residual detergent. Get more washing machine cleaning tips. […]

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