Why is There Water on The Inside Walls of My Fridge?

Refrigerator Door Gasket PN 216522309If there is sweating or water condensation inside your fridge, say on the walls of your refrigerator, check the gasket or seal around your refrigerator.

If the gasket is loose, cracked or sagging, then cold air is escaping from your fridge. leading to:
• sweating or condensation inside your fridge
• ice forming on the freezer walls
• temperatures inside refrigerator is warmer than normal.

To test the seal on your refrigerator, take a dollar bill and close it in the door of your refrigerator or freezer. Pull on the dollar and see if you can feel any tension or grip. Tension or grip indicates a tight seal.

Do this test along different parts of the door. If the seal is not tight, then this could mean either you need a replacement refrigerator gasket part or the door needs adjustment.

Find a new refrigerator door gasket at http://www.everyappliancepart.com/Category/Refrigerator-Parts/Door-Gaskets

If you have water pooling inside your refrigerator, say at the bottom of the fridge or underneath crisper pans, read more about it on “Why is there water pooling at the bottom of my refrigerator?”

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