Buy a new oven? Why you should do a “burn in”

7971009_mlCongratulations on your new oven purchase. Now you need to turn the oven on with nothing in it. Why? To burn away the oily, burning smell and smoke that sometimes is produced when using your new oven the first time.

Appliance makers say the smells and smoke can be caused either by a protective coating used on the new oven or even be caused by the insulation surrounding the oven. The smoke and smells produced are temporary and doing a burn in or running the self-cleaning cycle on your new oven (as suggested by Samsung) should eliminate any future smells or smoke.

To burn in your new electric or gas oven

Do not place food or cookware inside your oven while performing the burn in. The smoke and smells produced can linger on in your food and possibly on your cookware.

First, consult your owner’s manual for any suggestions from the manufacturer, or ask your appliance installer. If nothing is listed for the care of a new oven, look at the self-cleaning portion of the manual. Some manufacturers suggest you remove the oven racks before using the self-cleaning feature.

Turn on the fan in the ventilation hood (if you have one) and open some windows for proper ventilation.

Turn your oven on between 400 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and let it run for 30 minutes to an hour.

If you have a pet bird, put it in a well-ventilated room far from your kitchen,  or remove it from your home entirely during the oven self-cleaning process.  Birds can be extremely sensitive to the fumes produced by an oven’s self-cleaning cycle. Be sure to allow your home to air out before bringing your bird back inside.

Appliance Help from Oven Manufacturers 

First Time Oven Use Burn-In Process from Sub-Zero-Wolf

Odor from a Newly Installed Gas Range – Samsung

Manuals and Use and Care Guides – Whirlpool

Owner’s Manual and Installation Instructions – General Electric Appliances

Product Support – Electrolux

Manuals and Documents – LG


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