20 tips to make appliances last longer

20 tips to make appliances last longer A little maintenance can go a long way in helping to extend the life of your appliance and also make them as energy efficient as possible – saving you money each time you use them.

Washing machines

Check your washer fill hoses for kinks and bubbles. Consider replacing your old rubber hoses with stainless steel braided washer hoses which are much more resistant to bursting. Washing machine hoses can burst and cause flooding in your home. Such damages cost Americans approximately $170 million in damages every year.

Make sure the hose connections are secure, which could the cause of any leaks of spills around your machine.

Make sure your machine is level, but adjusting the leveling legs.

Use the correct detergent and the correct amount for your machine.

Be sure not to overfill your machine which could wear out the motor and drive belts as well as other parts.


Clean your oven regularly. Use the self-cleaning feature after you have already heated the oven to cook, which will save you energy and money.

Check the seal of your oven door and replace the gasket if it’s broken, torn or otherwise deformed. A tight seal keeps heat inside your oven and allows food to cook quickly and evenly.

Remove and clean stove-top drip pans with warm soapy water, or replace them if damaged.

Gas Stoves

Food residues and spills can prevent a stovetop ignitor from lighting and burning properly. Try cleaning the area around your spark ignitor (including the burner cap and the holes around the cap) using a tooth brush, or a nylon scrubbing pad to remove any dirt covering these parts.  You can also try taking apart the burner (removing the burner cap) and propping up the stove cooktop to dry out the surrounding area, especially if you have a spill or pot overflow.

Keep your stovetop grates clean so they can heat properly. If your grates are especially dirty with stubborn, cooked-on stains, pour a ¼ cup of ammonia into a large gallon size freezer bag along with the grates and seal the bag. Don’t worry about the ammonia covering the gate, you only want to expose the grates to fumes. Leave the bag in the sink overnight and in the morning, any residue should wipe off easily with a sponge.

Clothes Dryers

If your clothes seem to take longer than normal to dry or your dryer is hot to the touch, lint may be to blame.  Be sure to clean the lint filter before or after every load you put through the dryer and clean out your dryer’s venting. Not only will this keep your home safe, but it will increase the efficiency of your clothes dryer, saving you money and shorten drying times.

Replace any crushed dryer duct venting with new rigid-metal vent piping which creates little air resistance and makes your dryer more energy efficient.


Clean your refrigerator compressor coils regularly with a refrigerator coil cleaning brush. Refrigerator coils can attract dirt, dust and pet hair which makes your fridge work harder to keep cool and prevents it from dissipating heat. These coils are usually located on the back or bottom of your refrigerator.

Is your water dispenser not dispensing water as fast as it used to? You probably need to change your water filter.

Check the gasket or seal around your refrigerator. If it is loose, cracked or sagging, then cold air is escaping from your fridge.

Make sure not to overfill your refrigerator or feezer as food and items can block the airflow in the appliance. On the other hand, a nearly empty refrigerator or freezer has a harder time keeping cool after each door opening. Fill a few empty jugs with water and store them in there. These jugs will also help keep your food colder longer in case of a power outage.


If your dishwasher is not cleaning like it should, check out our article on “How to clean your dishwasher” and use a dishwasher cleaner like Affresh to remove excess detergent residue and stains from inside your dishwasher.

Check the dishwasher spray arms and clear any food particles stuck in the water dispersal holes.

Keep the door gaskets and bottom edge of your dishwasher clean in order to prevent leaks. However, a worn dishwasher gasket can be replaced.

Air Conditioners

Clean the filter every 225 to 336 fan-hours of operations. You will also need to vacuum the discharge grill area to remove any dust buildup.

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  2. […] Whether you decide to buy new or fix your current appliance remember, a little maintenance and cleaning can help you prolong the life of your appliance. Check out our article “20 tips to make appliances last longer.” […]

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