Why is my HE top-loader washer constantly out of balance?


**UPDATE: If you have a Samsung Washer that vibrates and shakes excessively, it might have been recalled. Find out what washer models have been affected and repair and replacement options. **

Do you own a high-efficiency top-loader washing machine that often goes out of balance? The issue might be due to the items you are washing in your load, the leveling legs or possibly a part on your machine.

Consumer Reports recently wrote about an owner of an HE top-loading washer which “consistently went out of balance,” according to the owner. This might due to the fact that, “HE top-loaders spin faster than washers with agitators to extract more water and cut down on drying time; that can result in load imbalance,” writes ConsumerReports.org.

To fix this, make sure your appliance is properly leveled and you are loading it properly by washing similar items together (a load for towels, a separate load for sheets, etc.) Consult your owner’s manual for help with proper leveling and wash cycle suggestions.


An LG Washer user manual, which can be downloaded from their website, offers these suggestions for leveling your machine:

  • Adjust the leveling feet only as far as necessary to level the washer. Extending the leveling feet more than necessary can cause the washer to vibrate.
  • Try rocking the washer gently from corner to corner to test the washer’s stability and make sure it does not rock.
  • Make sure that the leveling feet cannot move or slide on your floor which can contribute to excess vibration and noise.
  • Use a leveling tool on top of the washer to check to see if the washer is level.

By the way, these tips work for non-HE washers too. However, if you find that these tips still do not help prevent your washing machine from moving and shaking, then you might need to replace a washer part.

To further reduce vibration and noise from your washer or dryer use anti-vibration pads.


Anti-Vibration Pads by Electrolux are designed to decrease the shaking, vibration and noise from washers and dryers.

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3 thoughts on “Why is my HE top-loader washer constantly out of balance?

  1. raylinsutter September 8, 2015 at 11:00 am Reply

    My washer has been having a balance issue for the past two weeks. This past weekend, however, after following some of your advice I was able to get it back to working. If I have another problem with it should I call up an appliance repair service? Or does this call for a redoing of the floors and leveling of things that way?

  2. James December 20, 2017 at 6:42 am Reply

    I also had a problem with our machine constantly out of balance. The problem I found was the rubber straps attached from the top of the outer bowl to the machine frame. There are 4 straps which act as shock absorbers. One of these had become disconnected. When it was reconnected the machine worked perfectly.
    Would pay to check these prior to calling out a repairman which could become costly.

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