Make your home smell like Christmas – stove top potpourri recipes

stove-top-potpourriGive your home the scent of Christmas with this homemade potpourri. Below are a few recipes and suggested herbs, spices and fruit for festive holiday smells.


Add to a large pot:

  • A few cinnamon sticks
  • Four orange halves
  • One cup of fresh cranberries
  • Two sprigs of rosemary

Cover all ingredients with water and simmer. Remember; never leave a boiling pot unattended.

There are many variations on this holiday stove-top potpourri with recipes suggesting a tablespoon or teaspoon of whole cloves, ground nutmeg or vanilla in place of the rosemary.  Others use lemons in addition to, or instead of oranges. Another recipe suggests fresh whole pine needles and adding jojoba oil to the water, like this recipe from

Experiment until you develop your own perfect holiday smell. What scents remind you of Christmas?

More recipes and ideas for homemade, stovetop potpourri

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