Why won’t my gas stove burners work?


If your gas stove top burners are not lighting, it could be caused by a blocked igniter or burner holes on your burner or a bad part in your ignition system.

WARNING! Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. Read this before you start any repair.  

First, make sure your appliance is getting both gas and power. Check your home’s circuit breakers or fuses and make sure the gas supply is turned on. If there is no issue with the power or gas, then you will need to check some part on your stove. Make sure you turn off the power and gas to your appliance before attempting any cleaning, maintenance or repairs.

You can try cleaning the igniter hole and the burner holes on your stove which can become plugged with grease or debris overtime. Most people use a paperclip, tooth pick or toothbrush to clean debris or dirt which can block the openings on these parts, preventing gas from flowing freely through these openings. After cleaning these parts, test your burners again to see if they light.

If your burners still do not light, then there could be a problem with one of the parts in your stove’s ignition system which includes the igniter, the igniter switch or the igniter control module.

The igniter switch creates a spark to light the burner when you turn your burner on.  It can short out due to a spill from an over boiling pot, or just wear out over time from use. Usually, a sign that the igniter switch is bad is when other burners on your stove work save for one, or when the switch for a burner makes a continual clicking noise. This indicates that this part will have to be replaced.

If you cannot see a spark being produced at all when you turn your stove’s knob, then you may need to replace your igniter control module.

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