Dryer vent pumpkins – an easy-to-make Fall craft

These dryer vent pumpkins are easy-to-make, lightweight and can dress up a home or table. If you plan on using these as outdoor decorations, you might want to attach them to a wood base so they don’t blow away.

Dryer vent pumpkin craft for Fall,  Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Dryer vent pumpkin craft for Fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

All you need to make this craft is a box of flexible aluminum dryer venting, a hot glue gun or twist ties, wire cutters, scissors and spray paint. If you are using hot glue, gloves or clips are recommended so you do risk coming in contact with the hot glue.

  1. Make a tight circle with your dryer venting to determine the size of your pumpkin and where you need to cut.
  2. Use scissor to start cutting. You will need a wire cutter to cut the wire inside the venting.
  3. Use either hot glue on one side of the venting to secure it to the other side. Bring together with the other side and join. (Gloves or clips are recommended for this part!) Or else poke four holes in the venting (two on each end, top and bottom) and thread the twist ties together to complete and hold the circular shape together.
  4. Spray paint with your choice of color. No need to prime with another color. Used in the picture above: glossy orange spray paint and Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint in Orange Burst over a layer of glossy orange.
  5. Use a small branch as the stem (glue to secure) or use rolled cinnamon sticks for a festive fragrance.

You can purchase inexpensive four inch wide by five feet long flexible dryer venting on http://www.EveryAppliancePart.com.

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