Have cleaner water and ice without a built-in refrigerator water filter

Your top-freezer refrigerator might not have a built-in water filter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have filtered water going into your icemaker. By installing the GE SmartWater External Refrigerator Water Filter System (GXRLQ) you can have better –tasting and cleaner ice from your refrigerator icemaker.

GE SmartWater exterior refrigerator/icemaker Inline Filter System (GXRLQ)
The system works with most refrigerators and easily installs and is housed behind the refrigerator. Simply turn off your icemaker to attach the line to the filer’s manifold and turn your icemaker back on again. The filter will help reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odor, lead and cysts in the water leading to cleaner water and better-tasting ice.

After six month, replace the filter by turning off your icemaker, and twisting and removing the old filter to replace it with a new one (twist to lock into place).

GE Exterior Refrigerator/Icemaker Filter (GXRLQR)

There’s no need to turn off your water supply, as the manifold contains an auto-shut off as part of its design. Purchase just the replacement filter above , without having to purchase the entire system again at www.everyappliancepart.com.

If you need to install a line to your ice maker from your home’s water supply, you’ll need additional parts like this Copper Tube Refrigerator Water Supply Kit (8003RP) by Whirlpool.

Copper Tube Refrigerator Water Supply Kit by Whirlpool (8003RP)

For more icemaker parts and refrigerator parts, visit www.EveryAppliancePart.com.

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