Why does my washing machine smell?

Bad smells of mildew and mold is a common problem in front-loading high-efficiency washing machines. This is because these types of washers use less water by design and therefor, require less detergent as well. However, too many people use too much detergent and that excess detergent (along with dirt and moisture from washing) gets left behind on the gasket seal of the washer. Bacteria and spores soon start growing in the moist, damp environment, leaving to bad smells.

Open washing machine with colorful laundry spilling out

To get rid of this, use a washer cleaner like Affresh once a month to destroy any leftover soap and residue. Drop the tablet in an empty washer tub filled with hot water on a regular wash cycle.

Wipe down the gasket seal around your washer. You might need to manually peel back the rubber seal to clean inside it.

After each load, leave the door to the washer ajar to allow the interior tub to dry.

Be sure to use a high-efficiency (HE) detergent and make sure you are using the correct dosage. More detergent does NOT equal cleaner clothes; in fact, it can have the opposite effect. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, “Detergent ‘overpouring’ creates a high, foamy tide inside the machine, lifting soil and lint above the water level so it isn’t rinsed away.” It then deposits that layer of dirt on your clothes, dulling them further. Too much laundry detergent can also lead to excess wear on your machine.

Pull out and clean the laundry dispenser drawer and clean around the laundry dispenser area.

Skip or use the smallest amount of liquid fabric softener which can also cling to and build up on the outer tub of your washer.

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