Save more on National Thrift Shop Day, Sunday, August 17

Get ready to pop some tags, National Thrift Shop Day is Sunday, August 17 and to celebrate, some second-hand stores will be holding sales and specials on or around that date.  Check with your local second-hand shops to see if they will be offering any extra savings or specials during or around this day.

Shopping second-hand is not only a great way to save money and recycle, but is a popular way to express your own style. Young, hip and trendy shoppers love the thrill of the hunt and scouring stores to discover unique vintage décor shoes, jewelry and similar merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else. Tons of blogs out there are dedicated to be being fashionable via second hand stores and stores like Buffalo Exchange and Savers have a devoted following.

If you are in New York City, members of ReuseNYC will all be holding special sales to celebrate Thrift Store Day on Friday, August 15 with store-wide sales across all five boroughs. Organizations that run second-hand stores such as the Goodwill and Salvation Army will be participating along with other organizations such as HousingWorks and Recycle-a-Bicycle. To see the specials and a list of participating stores, along with a map, visit

Of course, second hand stores sell more than clothing; stores like Habitat for Humanity ReStores sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances. Find a ReStore near you.

Get inspired by second-hand fashion:

Find a thrift store:


Tips for getting the most out of second-hand and thrift shopping

  • Go there often and be flexible in what you are looking to buy. Stock changes all the time and you will have better odds of scoring a great find the more you go and the broader your search.
  • Shop later in the week and avoid weekends and holidays, when the stores are more crowded and picked over. You can also call and ask what day of the week new inventory arrives.
  • Thrift stores have discount days too. Find out via online or ask at your local store.
  • Shop off-season. Buy winter items in the summer and vice versa.
  • Bring cash and consider your purchases carefully as most stores have an “all sales are final” policy.
  • Come dressed to shop. Some stores do not have fitting rooms, so dress in a way that you can easily try on items over your clothing.
  • Bring a bag in order to carry home your new purchases. If you are purchasing furniture or larger items, make sure you have rope or any other materials you need in order to transport your new purchase home.
  • If you are buying electronic items or baby items, check the Recall Finder from to make sure the product was not recalled due to safety reasons. You can search by product description or browse by category on their website.


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