Grip back cutting mats, flexible, light-weight and dishwasher safe

It’s time for a cutting board upgrade! Toss your old, marked-up and heavy cutting boards and get a set of four grip back cutting mats that not only stay put on the counter, but are also flexible, light, easy to clean (dishwasher-safe)  and allows easy transfer of foods from the mat to your pan or bowl.

4 Pack of colored grip-back cutting mats

4 Pack of colored grip-back cutting mats made from polypropylene are stain and odor resistant and dishwasher safe.

Made from polypropylene, these cutting mats are stain and odor resistant and dishwasher safe. Put these thin cutting boards in your dishwasher to clean and sterilize and you are done.

The set of four mats help promote food safety as well. Health department officials advise consumers to use one cutting board for raw meat and another one for fresh fruits and vegetables. Professional cooks and restaurants go further and use color-coded boards to prevent cross contamination (one board for dairy, one for poultry, etc.)  To be safe, use a separate cutting board for each type of meat you plan to prepare.

The four colors in this cutting board mat package provide an easy way to remember which board you used for which ingredient to prevent cross contamination when prepping food. If you are concerned at all about salmonella or other bacteria, these boards are a good way to practice food safety and stop cross contamination.

Each board has a hole in the corner edge making it easy to hang. They are light weight and thin, making it easy to store them in a drawer or cupboard.

For more cutting board and food safety tips, read this article on the USDA site.

Purchase this 4 Pack of colored grip back dishwasher safe cutting mats at

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