Clean Your Dishes, Not Your Floor

If you’ve been having problems with a leaky dishwasher, your problem may be solved with an easy fix.  Often times after a couple years of use, the gasket that seals the dishwasher door shut and prevents it from leaking will dry rot, or lose its ability to seal.  This will make your appliance leak while its running, making for a watery mess to clean up.

Luckily, all that needs to be done (in most cases) is to replace the door gasket.


Just rip out the old one and remove the residue on your appliance from the left over adhesive.  Dry fit the new gasket into the same place as the old gasket to make sure it is the right length before you apply the adhesive.  If it’s too long, you can easily trim it to make it fit.  The next step is to apply the adhesive to the track where the gasket goes, and push the gasket into place. The adhesive will take about 24 hours to completely cure, and you’ll need to keep your dishwasher shut during this period to make sure it stays in place. After it cures, you’ll have a leak proof dishwasher again!

If you have any questions about what gasket is used with your appliance, give us a call!


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