Stuck? You’re in Luck!

Dishwashers, when they’re functioning properly, are the most helpful and time saving appliances in the kitchen.  These guys are the cleaning powerhouses that keep your dishes sparkling. When your dishwasher breaks, it can be frustrating having to clean dishes by hand while you’re trying to find the parts you need.

One common dishwasher problem is a broken roller adjuster.  The roller adjuster is the guide that keeps your dishwasher racks sliding in and out of the tub smoothly. When these break, often times it is a struggle to pull out the racks to load or unload the appliance.


Luckily, this is another easy fix.  All you’ll have to do is pull out the broken rack, take a few screws off of the adjuster, and replace it with the new one! Just remember where the adjuster was so you can put the new one in the same place.
If you have any questions about what adjuster is compatible with your appliance, give us a call! We are always happy to help answer any questions.


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