Abracadabra – Dishwasher Magic!

Do you own a portable dishwasher, or perhaps a portable washing machine?  Do you have different faucet adapters for the multiple faucets you use?  It’s always so frustrating trying to keep them not only organized, but easily accessible as well.  They’re so small, and they easily slip through cracks or roll under things that aren’t easily moved.

The great thing about technology these days is that there is a fix for everything.


This faucet adapter is convertible from male threading to female threading, and back again!  It’s like magic!

Not really, but the gasket on the inside can be removed to switch the threading from one type to the other, making my life, and yours, so much easier.  I leave mine on my dishwasher, and just switch the gasket around depending on where I need to use my dishwasher.

If you need help determining which adapter is right for you, we are always here to help!

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