Get Motoring!

Have you ever had a problem with your washing machine not agitating, spinning, or draining?  This is not a very common problem, but when it does happen, it can be scary.  Not to worry, there are many possibilities of what it could be.  Often times you can check the LED light that flashes on the control board on your motor, which  can indicate exactly what is wrong with your machine.  These flashes are model specific, and can be found online, or in your owners manual.  The motor itself is something that carries a heavy price tag, and can be quite labor intensive.


The motor can be found online, many times for a fraction of the cost of what someone would charge you to repair it. There are many repair videos online on YouTube, that can explain exactly what you need to do for your model.  Make sure to do thorough research before beginning any project to make sure you have not only the correct parts, but also the right tools and abilities to handle a project like this on your own.  And if you can’t, then make sure to support your local community by having a local, reputable repairman do the work for you.  If you find out what parts you need for your appliance for the repair, you can often times purchase the part, and have the repairman just charge you for labor.

There is always help on the other end of the line when you give us a call.

Happy Monday!

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