Flooded Schedules Shouldn’t Mean Flooded Basements

With today’s hectic schedules, regular maintenance on household appliances tends to go to the wayside, and we don’t realize it until its too late.  Often times flooded basements and laundry rooms are avoidable just by checking a few simple parts on your washing machine.


The drain hose that empties your washer’s tub of water sometimes will move or lose its seal.  Sometimes this is easily repairable by simply moving the hose back into place, or replacing it if it’s damaged.  The drain hose is often times held in place by simple retainer clips.  All you would have to do for this is remove the retainer clips, and pull the hose off.  Before you do this you may want to lay down plastic sheets or towels to prevent any left over water from leaking onto your floors.


This common hose is used on many makes and models of washers.

Make sure you have the right part for your washer by giving our customer service representatives a call.  We are always glad to help you find what parts you’re looking for.


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