Abracadabra! The Wine Stain Disappeared!

     This weekend was a pretty stressful weekend, so Sunday night I decided I deserved a nice glass of wine- red wine. It was nice and relaxing; until I bumped the table the glass was on and sent the red wine all over our white carpet… Relaxation was over.  I pulled out the carpet cleaner we have and scrubbed away.  Unfortunately it did not get the entire wine stain out; there is a nice light cranberry stain on our carpet now. Luckily for me I found a stain remover kit at work! It is a nice kit; it comes with three different bottles.  Each bottle has a stain remover for specific stains! The first bottle is for water and protein based stains, the second bottle is for petroleum and natural oil based stains, and the third is for pen, ink, marker, and dye stains.



               This little nifty kit also comes with a “Name that Stain Guide” it has a list of items that can be removed and what bottle will remove it. It’s really nice; it says it can even get Kool-Aid out of things! That is awesome.  So I brought the stain remover kit home and gave it a try. And wouldn’t you know… IT TOOK THE STAIN OUT! I was so happy, all the wine was removed.  This didn’t leave a weird odor or texture either which is a bonus.  Over all I would definitely tell everyone to try this out, it even takes pen and markers off of walls. So if you have children that are artists on your walls, give this a try! Happy Monday everyone, come back Wednesday to read some more!

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