This Spring, Remember to Chill…

Spring is here, or at least it should be.  With spring comes the warmer weather; with warmer weather comes air conditioners! If you do not have central air but you have a window air conditioner, have you checked the filter on it after you used it last season?  Chances are, probably not. When I lived at home I didn’t even know where the filter was on my window air conditioner, until my dad pointed it out when we put it away for storage.

It is important that you clean the filter in the air conditioner; it helps to keep the cool air flowing through the appliance.  With a buildup of lint, dust, and dirt your air conditioner will not be able to push out as much cold air.  This is going to cause your air conditioner to work that much harder, and use that much more power and electricity causing your bill to go up!  Build-up in your air conditioner filter can also be a fire hazard, which is why you need to make sure you keep it clean.  I would suggest buying a new one if you have never cleaned it out. That is what I did and my air conditioner ran so much smoother.  The air felt cooler, and it blew more out!  So instead of throwing money out the window for less cool air, check your air filter and replace it if you need to!




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