Broil for your Health

Broiling is not only a fast way to cook food, but it is a very healthy way to cook your food.  A broiler pan has two parts to it. The top part is a slotted and serrated pan that the food sits on. The slots allow juices or fat dripping to fall into the shallow pan below it.  The second part to the broil pan is the shallow bin below the slotted pan that catches all the juices and drippings.  This is a healthier way of cooking because the food doesn’t sit in its own fat drippings; the food is allowed to cook while releasing all the fat.  I personally have only used the broiler once, but I loved it. It cooks the food so evenly and it was quick!

You can cook many things on this pan from pork tenderloin to vegetables, it works great for both!  When you cook vegetables on a broiler pan it gives them a very nice char, and gives them a great texture.  Just season any foods you want to cook in the broiler put it on the pan and throw it into the broiler! Why not try to cook something in the broiler for dinner soon?




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