Break me Off a Piece of that Kit-Kat Cake!

Sunday is Easter, and that means a time to be with your family and friends. But this also means time to eat! My family likes to celebrate holidays a couple weeks late, but for Easter this year we actually celebrated it a week early!  On Sunday we had brunch and my aunt made the cutest cake I have ever seen for Easter. It was just adorable, and she told me it was extremely easy to make. It was perfect for Easter.  I asked her how she did it, and she said she discovered the idea from Pinterest! Of course, I should have just guessed, Pinterest is amazing for finding great ideas.

She told me the steps on how to make it and I was shocked at how easy it was.  It looked like it took her hours to make with a lot of effort, but in reality it didn’t take long at all. She said the longest part of it is waiting for the cake to bake and cool before frosting.  If my boyfriend and I weren’t leaving Easter Sunday for a cruise to the Bahamas I would be making this cake for sure! Side note, I am so excited for this cruise, I will be sure to let you all know how it was when I get back with pictures! J Now back to making this cake, I looked up the exact directions online and found two versions, they are exactly the same except for the toppings, so choose which topping you would prefer and make that one!

What you will need:

  • Two- Three (depending on how much cake you want) boxes of any flavor cake mix you prefer
  • 6  Large Packets of Kit- Kats
  • Chocolate frosting enough to cover 2-3 circle cakes
  • Any colored Ribbon

Toppings: Here is where you will choose which you want…

  • Easter colored M&M’s
  • Bunny or chick Peeps
  • Shredded coconut, died green
  • Fresh Fruit


  1. Cook the cakes by following the directions given on the box
  2. Be sure to let the cakes cook completely
  3. Once cakes are cooled, stack one on top of another using the frosting to hold them together. This is where you can put the fresh fruit with the icing. Chocolate and Fresh Strawberries are my personal favorite.
  4. After cakes are stacked with frosting holding them together, ice the outsides of the cake and the top.
  5. Next you need to break the Kit-Kats so that they are separated into two’s, and begin to place them around the side of the cake.
  6. When you have placed the Kit-Kats around the cake you can top with:
    1. Top the cake with M&Ms covering the entire top, and saving room to put two peeps on top.
    2. Or top the cake with the shredded coconut that you have died green, placing Cadbury Eggs around the top of it and a peep
  7. Final step is to tie the ribbon around the cake into a bow!

For extra decoration you can place green shredded coconut around the bottom of the cake to look like grass!  If you need to bring a dessert to Easter dinner, or lunch, why not give this cake a try?  Everyone will think you slaved over this cake for hours, but it will be the easiest cake to make! Enjoy the cake and have a great Easter!



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