Let the Hunt Begin!

Easter is this weekend, that means time with the family, great food, and Easter egg hunts!  I used to LOVE the egg hunts, it was my favorite part of the whole day, as it is for every child.  As I grew older I loved watching my little cousins do the hunt, to see the joy and excitement on their face while they scoured the back yard looking for the small eggs. In my family we used the fake eggs, and filled them with candy or quarters, things that kids love!

The one year at my grandmas she made the hunt… challenging. My cousins, brother, and I were so used to finding the eggs in the garden or on shelves that were eye level to us that we never thought about looking above us! The one year my grandma had pick up stick grabbers underneath the tree, one for each of the grandkids.  We had no idea why those were out there. Did she want us to grab the eggs with these!?  But then my brother happened to look up in the pine tree above us and in the tree we saw a whole bunch of eggs! With the grabbers we were able to reach them just fine, and it was a great place to hide the eggs.  So if you are planning an Easter egg hunt why not try this idea, and pick up a couple grabbers from Every Appliance Part?  Happy hump day to all my readers, the weekend is almost here! See you all on Friday for the recipe of the week that will leave your guests wanting more on Easter!


Grabber (2)


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