Spring is Finally Here…But so is Spring Cleaning!

     Spring is officially here and I could not be happier! I am so sick of this snowy weather.  But with the spring time comes spring cleaning… which I could do without. After the cleaning and complaining is over, it is all worth it because I love when my apartment is all clean, from ceiling to floor.  When I clean, I clean everything! I dust the ceiling, wash the walls, the floors, every part of the apartment is cleaned.  I started with the kitchen last night, and I noticed after cleaning my dishwasher that there was a scratch and some nicks on the front of the door.  After wiping it down, that is all I could see when I walked by.  So I went into work and I found out that we sell touch up paint for appliances.  I am thrilled!!! Now it will look like brand new again, and my OCD can calm down for a while. While you have spring cleaning on the brain make sure to check out all of cleaning products! Happy spring everyone! 



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