Only you can Prevent Dyer Fires!

It is so important that you properly clean out your dryer; this includes the lint trap and the vent.  Clothes dryers can be a leading cause of fires at home as approximately 15,000 fires are started every single year from dryers.  Dryers are perfectly safe as long as you properly clean them.  The buildup of lint in the dryer can cause the dryer to perform poorly and this can cause the dryer to overheat, raising the chance of a fire starting.  This is why the lint trap and the vent system need to be cleaned out and checked regularly, the lint trap should also be cleaned out after each load of laundry is dried.


There are many different steps you can take to prevent these fires from starting.  Make sure you keep the lint trap clean and free of any lint; make it a habit to clean out the lint filter after each load of laundry is put into the dryer.  Clean out the back of the dryer as well, where lint can also get trapped and you might not know it.  Replace any plastic or vinyl exhaust hoses with flexible metal venting.  Make sure all items you put into the dryer are safe to dry!  We sell a tool at my work that I recently purchased after researching how to prevent these fires. It is a 10 ft. long dryer vent cleaning brush that was created to help the homeowner reach down the long tubing.  This brush is great because I have short arms, so cleaning my dryer vent is a bit of a challenge.  I would have to stick my hand down and just hope I got most of the lint out.  But after I bought this brush it was so much easier to do, all you have to do it stick the brush down and pull back up, bringing a ton of lint back up! It made my mind more at ease knowing that I have completely cleaned the dryer out! Check out our brush and make sure you do all you can to prevent a dryer fire in your home!

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